Questions and Answers (Q & A's)
Q & A's

Question: What time do you start?
Answer: I will pick you up at 8 a.m. at your resort or agreed upon place. We can adjust time if necessary.

Question: How long do we fish?
Answer: A half day is about 4 hours, a 3/4 day is 6 hours and a full day is 8 hours.

Question: What kind of tackle do I need?
Answer: I already have rods rigged & terminal tackle for the trip. If you have your own gear that's fine. (No tackle box allowed over 50 pounds!)

Question: What will we be fishing for?
Answer: We will be fishing for whatever you prefer - walleyes, bass, northern pike, panfish or muskies). For walleye I use live bait most of the time - minnows, leeches or crawlers depending on the season. Live bait rigs and jigs are my old standby favorites, but we may troll spinners or minnow lures too. I recommend 6 to 8 lb mono for walleye or 10 lb braid. I'll show you how to rig your tackle and there are good tackle shops in the area to get what your need. If you want to shop before you come, give me a call (cell: 218-780-7089) or e-mail (

Question: How long have you been a guide?

Answer: I started guiding in 1978 and sold real estate as a hobby. I am a full time guide from Spring to Fall.

Question: What about food?
Answer: You have a few options. For a half day trip, bring a small cooler with drinks and snacks. For a full day trip, you can bring your own lunch or I will cook a shore lunch (extra charge of $20/person). Lunch includes pan fried fish, potatoes, beans, vegetables and garlic bread. There are a few good boat access restaurants we can also chose from if that's what you want.

Question: What else should I ask?
Answer: I'm not sure but if you think of something, give me a call (cell: 218-780-7089) or an e-mail (

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