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Your Guide -- Doug Knoer

I love to fish!!! Since I can remember I've fished when we visited my Grandma and Grandpa in Bemidji. You would find me on their dock or in the 14' boat with oars rowing around looking for the "big one". What I caught were usually 8 - 10" perch, but I still remember those small (mutilated) filets that my grandma would always cook for me with a smile.

As I grew up so did my pursuit of fish. I chased walleye, panfish and bass on Lake Bemidji and even chased muskies on Cass & Leech Lake.

After graduating from Bemidji State University in 1976, I moved to the Lake Vermilion area where I met a beautiful woman. Patti and I were married in 1978. Patti's dad Gene Jenkins was a full time guide on the lake and he taught me a bunch. I sold real estate and fished for a living.

What I've learned in 39 years of guiding on Lake Vermilion is that there is no more beautiful lake and the people are very nice too!
Beginning in the Spring until October you will usually find me on the lake chasing one species of fish or the other. I specialize in walleye fishing, but the great thing about Vermilion is that it is a multi-species lake and I enjoy catching 'em all. From a 50" muskie to an 8" bluegill, there's usually some kind of fish that's hungry!

Time on the water with me will be spent learning walleye structure, techniques and presentations to give you the best chance to catch fish at the time of year you are here. I not only cover the walleye but can set aside time to show you areas and techniques for bass, northern, muskie and panfish.

I welcome all in my boat, young and old but here's a warning. Grandma or 10 year old Jimmy is going to catch the biggest fish (I do allow wagering in my boat!).

Call me (218-780-7089) or e-mail ( anytime to ask questions about your upcoming trip to Vermilion. I will do my best to help you catch some fish and work hard at showing you a great day on this beautiful lake.


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